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Prices for services and additional information

House/apartment cleaning 188 SEK per hour after RUT-avdrag

Large house/apartment cleaning 199 SEK per hour after RUT-avdrag

Removal house/apartment cleaning from 35 SEK /1m2 after RUT-avdrag

Cleaning of offices, commercial premises and staircases 250 – 300 SEK per hour, depending on the number of hours and the area to be cleaned

Prices for services
price window

Window cleaning

One-room flat – single window 350 SEK,double window 
450 SEK after RUT-avdrag
Two-room flat – single window 400 SEK, double window 
500 SEK after RUT-avdrag

Three-room flat – single window 450 SEK, double window 
550 SEK after RUT-avdrag

Four-room flat – single window 500 SEK, double window 
600 SEK after RUT-avdrag

Five-room flat – single window 550 SEK, double window 
650 SEK after RUT-avdrag

When cleaning houses/apartments, you have the possibility of receiving tax relief through a RUTavdrag deduction of 50% of the labour costs, which is included in our price list.

Please inform us of your cancellation no later than 20:00 on the day before the cleaning.
In the event of cancellation after 20:00 or inability to clean without informing us in advance, you will be charged 50% of the price of the service booked.
At the beginning of each month, we send clients a cleaning invoice for the previous month by e-mail. We are insured against any damage caused in the execution of the work and against accidents that may occur during the provision of services.

The most important principle in our work is to maintain the highest standard of services offered.
If you are nevertheless dissatisfied with the work carried out, you can make a complaint by contacting us within 24 hours after the cleaning has been completed. We will try to resolve the problem as quickly as possible.


price discount

Refer us to a friend who orders a cleaning service from us and stays with us for regular cleaning, in which case you will receive a 20% discount on the monthly cleaning and your friend will receive a promotional price for the first cleaning of 99 SEK per hour of cleaning after RUTavdrag. Your friend orders a cleaning by giving your name and we will give you a 20% discount for the whole month.